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Hey there! So, here’s a thought for you: Ever wondered how much your time is worth as the visionary and owner of your business? Yes, you can dive into the nuances of Digital Marketing and learn it all by yourself. But, let’s pause for a moment and ponder: Where is your time best spent? Where do you provide the most impact for your business? Let’s embark on this intriguing journey together, shall we?

Consulting with a Digital Marketing professional can be your remedy, whisking away the burden from your busy shoulders. Your time, my friend, is precious, and wasting it on Digital Marketing seems like a shame when you could be focused on using your skills where you’ll best benefit your company. Instead of spreading yourself too thin use a Digital Marketing professional to help guide your digital brand to success.

Now, hold onto your digital hats, because here’s your experienced, professional Digital Marketing Agency: D.K. Digital Strategist, your gateway to a world of innovative technology, invaluable resources, and experience that can help elevate your digital success. You will not find generic Digital Marketing Services here. Oh no! These services will be crafted with passion, and tailored to your unique business goals and needs. So, why settle for anything less when embarking on your digital adventure? Let’s dive in and conquer the digital realm together!

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Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy Produces Results

Once upon a time, a spark ignited the birth of D.K. Digital Strategist. Hi, I am David Knickerbocker, your Digital Strategist, and here is the mission of D.K. Digital Strategist. Empowering the underdogs, small to medium-sized businesses, and non-profits to rise and shine in the face of corporate giants. As a Digital Strategist, your digital general in shining pixels here to arm startups, small businesses, and non-profits with Digital Marketing Services to compete in the digital landscape.

I believe in leveling the playing field, where passion, potential, and proven scientific method prevail over sheer size. Join this quest, and let’s give these big corporations a run for their money!


Behold my philosophy, woven with dedication, passion, and data-driven methods! The heart of this agency beats in sync with the growth and development of those entrusting D.K. Digital Strategist with their success. I walk hand-in-hand with clients, guided by the power of data to accelerate digital growth.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Services are the secret sauce that unlocks results, paving a pathway to success. I am fueled by a passion for helping clients flourish and unraveling methods of leveling the playing field for those ready to invest in their digital brand. Empowering you with methods, tools, and knowledge necessary to succeed online keeps me going. Let’s turn your dreams into realities together and forge a digital brand for you where success knows no bounds!

Digital Marketing Services

Let's Realize Your Digital Vision

Digital Marketing Strategy Deployment

Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective Online Lead Generation

Improve Your Marketing ROI
Increase Online Lead Generation
Grow Your Brand Awareness

Proven methods, transparent delivery, and a passion for results.

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Website Design & Optimization

Website Design & Optimization

Your Digital Honeypot

Captivate Your Audience
Capture Valuable Data
Convert More Leads

Let's craft an effective online presence to increase lead generation, engagement, and conversions.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Cultivate Engaging Community

Cost-effective Digital Marketing
Enhance Brand Loyalty
Improve Website Traffic

Gather valuable customer insights, engage your audience, and deliver value.

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PPC Marketing


Capture Sales with PPC

Quicker Results
Targeted Advertising Channels
Realize Competitive Advantages

Leverage valuable customer data to produce measurable results.

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Transparent Digital Marketing Service Delivery

Digital Marketing Process Produces Results





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